The centre of Siena, San Giminiano, Pienza and all the area of Val d’Orcia, four sites protected by UNESCO in just one province, an unique example not only inside Italian territory but all over the world. Leonina, Staffoli and Staffolino, the Sito Transitorio, Mucigliani, San Martino in Grania, Vescona, the lakes of Santa Caterina- Menchiari, Pievina, Torre a Castello, Poggio Pinci, Chiusure, Mount Oliveto and Trequanda are just some of the places that, in any season, are litteraly invaded by photographic tourism coming from every corner of the earth.

The landscapes with “soft” hills that the world imagine while talking about the countryside of Tuscany belong to Crete Senesi which surround Asciano, a territory with gentle slopes that gives a play of shadows and lights able to enchant anybody who decide to admire this little heaven on earth.

One of tourists favourite destinations is situated in the middle of the ploughed fields of Crete Senesi, a zone that can’t be reached by car; this is called the Sito Transitorio, an artistic installation created by the French Jean Claude Philippe situated on a hill that offers a breathtaking view over Siena especially at dusk.

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We can offer accommodation like “Torre del Campo”, the only flat in Siena situated over the “mossa” place where the Palio starts. Ideal for a romantic honeymoon, for watching the Palio and sleeping in the priceless luxury of 14th century.