In the beginning was just “Metanova”, two Latin words put together to give the idea of a new destination, in particular a new concept of destination reachable by travelling in the most relaxing way possible, in the comfort of luxury and warm accommodations, visiting and enjoying unique little worlds and realities hidden inside one of the most beautiful country of the earth(Italy), accompanied with a glass of wine, a dish of delis or a romantic view on the landscape. Then we thought that every person is unrivalled and that there can’t be just one concept of travelling, enjoyment, tasting of life and choice of destinations equal for everybody so we changed the name, adding a final “s” for a plural meaning: “Metasnovas”.


As passionate travellers ourselves, every time we decided to visit a new country we counted on travel agencies, tour operators, local guides that proposed us just usual tourist routes with a fixed schedule to follow without having enough time to enjoy what we were visiting or eating: few minutes for lunch and then quickly on the bus to go somewhere that now we can’t even remember as we would. In many occasions our holiday wasn’t as satisfying as we thought and as we dreamt.

We would like our customers to take all the time they need to live their holiday as a rewarding experience. To us the ideal travel planner shouldn’t organize the holiday time, deciding about the menu, monuments to visit and the ones to leave out etc… He should create the best conditions to make customers enjoy the vacation they desire to live from the first day to the end, giving tips, guidelines and proposing special services in order to make the journey safer and to relieve customers from any kind of trouble or boredom. We think that offering tailor made services is the only way to make clients completely satisfied.

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