Tailor made travels in Slovenija, Piran, PortorozeCreate the perfect trip with the help of our specialistspersonal travel plannersWe custom design your tour in Italy to meet your personal interests.Expo 2015 Milano, tailor made travels personal travel planner art and cultureYour entire holiday is designed around your requirementsbespoken travels in Venice Tailor made holidays Bassano del Grappa

Have a look at the wide range of tailor made travel, accommodation and services proposals that we can offer!

“Happiness is to know and to wonder ”


Nostalgic adventurers, fearless explorers, passionate sailors, we love sinking into the pleasant and rich flavours of handmade food, into the wise memories of far ages, into the calm of deserted places, into the gloom of ageless worlds, into the amazement of savouring the taste of life.


We offer the first “Pret à porter” luxury tours: time is the most precious thing so use it to live a rewarding experience! We’ll take care of all the arrangements, planning carefully every step of your holiday where flexibility, choise, independence, freedom and low costs are the key words to ensure you a relaxing vacation.

Are you looking for wildlife adventures, cultural tours, family trips or a sabbatical holiday? It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money for a memorable travel, so contact our specialists: dream, think, plan and we’ll do the rest!

Tailor-made experience in Prague


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Tailor made holidays in Alto Adige


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The Palio of Siena


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Tailor made travels across art, traditions and nature


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the charm of an ancient epoch


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Explore local vineyards, traditional Italian food or fine gourmet restaurants


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Living an experience “out of this world”, out of usual tourist routes now exploited and deprived of their souls; we offer an escape inside tiny intact worlds, immune to the passing of time, ignored by crowd and confusion, forgotten by the great part of the world but preserved in the memory of people who had the opportunity to know, to visit and to live them in all their discreet and hidden splendour; it will be a relaxing holiday without a fixed and heavy schedule; you will be able , with our help, to enjoy the charm, the history and the magic of these amazing places, learning, little by little, to catch all the shades they will reveal you.

We are passionate travellers, observers and adventurers who live to build the world’s best experiences for the world’s best destinations… We are curious, we dig in the deep to discover the stories hidden beneath the surface. We’ll share with you the details that the great part of people don’t seize. You’ll be surprised!

We speak: Italian, English, Spanish and French

Being a tailor-made holiday, according to our customers needs, tastes and demands the cost varies depending on: the number of people, the period, the holiday duration and particular demands.

We are at your disposal for an eventual quote.

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